I Said NO!

I'm a people pleaser. I can admit that. I have a nurturing personality that strives to make people happy. Unfortunately, this often leads to me at times being unhappy. I've spent a great deal of my life, putting others feelings and needs before my own. Regrettably, leaving me drained both mentally and emotionally.

Luckily, I've recently gotten into the habit, for my own sanity and well being, of saying no. Not a formidable no. Not an angry no. Surely not an indecisive no. And while I'm sure that this new approach has rubbed some folks the wrong way, that's really not my concern. In the end, me short changing myself by taking on too many commitments, leads to my short changing anyone who expects me to be at my best. So please, don't be upset when I decline your invitation. Don't think I'm being snotty when I refuse to run errands for you. Don't feign anger or aggression just because I told you that I won't lend you money. ..again. I'm getting older. Yup, sure am! And even though the twenty-something-year-old in me has the will, the body is weak. I've begun to pace myself a little bit more. Savoring each of life's moments. Realizing that I'm not promised tomorrow. I'm not immortal, none of us are. If I'm to enjoy each day to it's fullest, sometimes that involves saying NO.

Surprisingly, that's really not a bad thing. I've found that when I say NO to others, it allows me to say YES to myself. Selfish? Perhaps, but for me its l-o-n-g overdue. I actually enjoy sitting idle on the beach entertained by nothing more than the waves and the occasional sea gull. I take comfort in seeing a PG matinee with my grandson. I look forward to sitting on my back patio with my hubby enjoying songs from the eighties.

Oh look...my charming hubby has just surprised me with a delicious breakfast in bed. Now...this is me saying No, I can't possibly continue to add more paragraphs to this post, because at the moment I'm enjoying my sumptuous meal. And NO...you can't have any.

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