Experiencing An Awakening

When you experience an Awakening, I mean when you really wake up...shit changes!

The beautiful, peaceful transformation that Gurus make it out to be is mythical. There is NO major Ah-Ha moment. But rather a series of friggin Oh-Hell-No scenarios. There is not a warm, Welcome Committee of family & friends rallying by your side. Those closest to you have absolutely NO idea what you're going through & some even question your sanity.

Your every day doesn't exactly look like the airbrushed, Bali, carefree lifestyle that pops up in your news feed. Your go-to lunch today didn't resemble the fruit, nut & Quinoa meal that so-and-so nibbled on. You want to get rid of all of your shit and live in a van by the river one moment & then hustle & grind in order to prove you're a Boss Babe making it rain with dollars the next. You want to run screaming out into the streets about ALL of the beauty in the World that you've discovered in your newfound Enlightenment. But instead, you barricade yourself beneath five pillows, worried that there's too much BS in the news for little ol you to make a difference.

And you know what? It's ALL GOOD! 💋The struggle is there to build you. The people who exit your life, leave to make room for you to Vibe with your Tribe. You learn how to listen (& trust) your intuition and flow with it. 💕

Be Blessed....expect nothing! Appreciate everything! You are Loved!

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