Let's Go Crazy


We're all excited. But we don't know why. Maybe it's 'cause, we're all gonna die.

And when we do. What's it all for? You better LIVE now, Before the Grim Reaper come knocking on your door...

~ Prince/Let's Go Crazy

At some point, I stopped enjoying myself. My days had become routine and oh so ordinary. Granted, I had no desire to climb Mt. Everest, go skydiving, or anything mind-blowing like that. I did want to return to a place where there was awe and wonder in my life. I wanted to find idle time to sit on a park bench and daydream. I wanted to lay on the beach, enjoy a good book, while delighting in the sound of crashing waves. I wanted to write more and worry less. I needed to find the courage to truly step off that {self imposed} ledge and fly.

"It's time to let loose baby girl. Life is short," I tell myself...it's time to Go Crazy!


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