Finding Your Tribe

I’d attended seminars, listened to webinars, and eagerly watched various podcasts. In my search for something ‘more’, I had spent a great deal of time, and money being educated by some of the leading Spiritual Gurus. I’d absorbed it all, and followed their every post, blog, and chat. Countless times, I’d felt as though I’d finally found my peeps. Those rainbow, and fairy dust folks who like me, just wanted to spread love, have fun, and encourage others.

Imagine my surprise a couple of months ago, when I got an email from one of these Gurus prompting me to be personally ‘instructed’ by them. Now, I had no delusions that this wonderful opportunity would be gratis. I understood well, that although this was her calling, it was also her business. Hadn’t I charged for my services? Wasn’t I in fact, in the process of restructuring my hobby to create a thriving business empire?

About ten minutes into a prodding phone conversation engineered to get me riled up and onboard, she casually drops the following, “and because I believe in you, and believe that you’d truly be an awesome candidate for this unique course, I’m going to discount the regular $10,000 investment, and offer you these empowering filled lessons for only $7,000.” I was sipping on a cup of tea at the time. What I remember next, is my eyes watering as I began choking, and then blowing green tea snot bubbles from my nostrils. So as not to offend my Shero, I casually informed her that I’d have to take some time to consider her offer. Two days later, I received the following email, “some of my clients don’t know how they’ll find the funds for this life changing experience. However, those who are passionate about living their dream, and are serious about taking charge of their finances, have done the following in order to afford these courses: taken out a second mortgage, sold rare coins, borrowed from family/friends, received a personal loan from their bank.” I read the email five times before quickly blocking her on Facebook, unsubscribing from her mailing list, and exiting her online group.

After a few more hits and misses, I’d concluded that most of these Gurus could give a rat’s a$$ about nourishing your soul. Even the most casual of acquaintances seemed to be frightfully out for self. It’s really disturbing. In life, for your own sanity and well-being, you must find your Tribe. When I’d first heard that term several months ago, I didn’t fully grasp it. But I’ve come to understand that your Tribe, is a group of like-minded people who gravitate towards, and support you as you grow Spiritually and intellectually. Not to be confused with your family, friends or co-workers, your Tribe is that eclectic mix of nomads who stir your Soul and provoke your passions. Your Tribe embraces your eccentric thirst for peace, while releasing you on your solo quest for self.

I spent some time today, cleaning up my Facebook and Twitter feeds. Too much time has been wasted on one sided relationships, and clickbait switcheroos. With all of the properly positioned ‘fakeness’ running rampant in the world, nothing feels better than having a group of peeps who are unabashedly real.

I encourage you to find, or create your Tribe today. Being weird is an Art, being weird with others is a masterpiece.

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