Happy New Year!

“So, are you going to the New Year’s Eve party at so-and-so’s house? EVERYONE is going to be there.” Ummm…No! “Are you going to stay up to watch the ball drop?” Ummm…No! “Do you have your resolutions for 2017 all set?” Ummm…No! “Did you get in on that offer that XYZ fitness center is having? Their gym is amazing.” Ummm…No! “Are you going downtown with us to see the fireworks?” Ummm…No! “Is it okay if I stop by tonight? Maybe we can open a bottle of Pinot Noir to toast the New Year.” Ummm…No!

This evening’s festivities include, and are limited to:

• snuggling with my best friend (my hubby’s cuter than yours) while falling asleep to a Netflix movie • Using several swear words (under my breath, of course) as I almost break my neck, tripping over my Grandson’s dinosaurs. (strewn all over the floor) • Rolling my eyes and hurling idle threats at my youngest daughter. (she better do those dishes before 11:59pm…bad luck, you understand) • Eating something heavily fried with sauce that I know is no damn good for me. (no worries, tomorrow I’ll start my diet…. AGAIN) • Shushing my terrifying Doxie’s who are simply mortified by the sounds of firecrackers going off in the neighborhood. • Ignoring the many texts messages on my phone saying ‘Happy New Year’. You people know good and #$%@ damn well better than to call or text me after 10pm unless someone has died. • Savoring my third glass of wine, meanwhile wondering why the bathroom is so freaking far away. (I’m NOT drunk, but I do have to pee…really bad) • Waking up startled (around 2am), convinced that I’ve slept through my alarm. Only to think…” Dangit, when did I get so old?” And then follow up on that thought with, “I don’t know when I got so old, but I’m thankful that I've made it this far!”

Wishing all of You, a very Wonderful, Blessed, Healthy & Safe 2017!!!!

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