My Journey


I was that odd little girl who conversed in hushed tones with her 'imaginary' friends. My imaginary friends who always prepared me for events yet to come. I was that teen in high school who provided amazing accuracy reading Tarot cards for classmates (& a few teachers) during lunch. I am that laid back Intuitive Goddess who in 2016 decided to ditch her corporate 9-5 to focus on this Amazing Spiritual path full time.


I have spent over 30  years providing Essential, Caring and Warm, In-depth Intuitive Counseling with only the highest level of client service, combined with a healthy dose of practical sass. I am down to Earth advisor, who is passionate about providing Spiritual guidance to all of those in need. A certified Hippie & Beach Bum, I've been very fortunate to have clients from all around the world, and have even gained some celebrity clientele over the years.


My offered services are designed to assist you in achieving your highest level of Spiritual growth. You will find that my methods are quite unique in comparison with others. I do not 'tell' you what you want to hear or what you should do, but rather prepare you for the foreseeable options and 'with you' discover the best path. The truth is, all of us have Intuitive capabilities. We are for the most part aware, some just more than others. Your session will be based on the energy that that is present at the time of your session, coupled with the guidance of my wonderful Spiritual Guides.


I assist you in becoming aware of scenarios that you may not have even been aware of/thought of. My methods offer you empowerment, confidence, and clarity. Together, we will work to help you manifest your dreams and goals. My reputation for being detailed, accurate, straightforward and FUN are evident in my excellent client reviews. 

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